The Christian Liturgy


Central to our Christian life is weekly worship.

Sunday morning service is on Zoom, 10 a.m. (gathering a bit earlier at 9:45 and staying a little afterward for fellowship). The ID #is 476 060 1058 and the passcode is 630 667. Please see our Worship Schedule page for more details.

Please contact our office at (413 596-3045) or email for link information.

Every Sunday we gather to celebrate Holy Communion together. Lutherans and Episcopalians, like many Christians, follow an ancient pattern of worship called the “liturgy.” “Liturgy” literally means “the work of the people.” Worship isn’t something we watch or something the pastor does alone – worship is something we all do together.

The Christian Liturgy is like a great party.

First, we Gather. We greet one another, we check-in, we allow our hearts and minds to follow our bodies in arriving for worship.

Next, we hear the Word. Just as you sit in the living room to tell stories and catch up, in worship we tell God’s stories and make them our own. We read from the Bible, we respond in song. We hear a sermon, in which God’s grace is proclaimed and made real for us today.

Pretty soon, it is time for the Meal. Instead of making our way to the dinning room, we turn our attention to and gather around God’s Table. Here ordinary bread and wine, along with the Word of God and presence of the Holy Spirit, makes for us a feast – the Body and Blood of Christ.

Finally, it is time for the Sending. Like those long goodbyes with good friends, we are blessed and sent forth into the world. In the liturgy, we are commissioned, week after week, to go out and serve God and our neighbor.

To learn more about worship at Christ the King-Epiphany, check out What to expect on Sundays.