Hopes and Dreams

What We Value

Worship – We value flexibility, adaptability and beauty within our worship/liturgy service, and fine preaching.

Hospitality – We value our enriched combined fellowship where an atmosphere of genuine care and concern transcends and where all are always welcome.

Outreach – We value our commitment to many ministries where we provide direct service to those on the margins of society.

Music – We value our gifted, quality musical contributions in our worship, whether Episcopalian or Lutheran, contemporary or traditional.

Relationships – We value our journey, as a progressive, adaptable culture, to walk together in God’s Kingdom of peace.

Our New Rector/Pastor

Our world today faces many demands and challenges, particularly for the clergy.  It is our hope that our new rector/pastor feels that he or she is not alone at Christ the King-Epiphany.  Our congregation is actively engaged in parish life, and has many levels of support during these times.  Our new rector/pastor will lead our parish and build relationships with each and every one of us.  He/she will also present new ideas as we are willing to try new things.  Strong communication skills are necessary to keep us informed and connected.  We seek a person with genuine warmth and a sense of humor; a person who can bring out the best in each and every one of us.  While pastoral care is a vital component of the clergy’s responsibilities, it is also a very important aspect of our life at Christ the King-Epiphany.  Our new rector/pastor will share his/her genuine concern, spiritual support and counseling with the parish.