Spiritual Events

Our favorite place to have intentional time to foster spiritual growth is Camp Calumet. Camp Calumet is located in New Hampshire and is the outdoor ministry site for Lutherans in New England, although they welcome people of all traditions. Friends often join us for these trips.

There are three opportunities for retreats, depending on the age of the children attending CTK-Epiphany.

  • The Sunday School Retreat happens in March or April, if we have children in Grades 3-6. It’s an opportunity for games, singing, and worship in the mountains of NH.
  • The Fall Fling Retreat is held in late September, if we have children in grades 5-8. This retreat has great musical leadership, engaging bible activities, and once in a while it’s still warm enough to enjoy the lake.
  • The Spring Fling Retreat is held each May before memorial day, if we have young adults in grades 9-12. It’s an opportunity to deepen faith around bible studies, hear great music, and start looking forward to the upcoming summer months.