Social Events

socialOur Social Events are chosen each year, some are eagerly anticipated each year, and others are added or changed as new opportunities arise.  We enjoy this time of building community and being with friends together. We love when photo1friends join us!

Events have included:

  • Rock climbing at Stone Age Rock Gym: this is an annual tradition that includes our own team of adult and youth belayers!
  • Mini Golf at Fenway Golf: It might be their ice cream, it might be all the holes in one, but this is a favorite too!
  • Youth Planning and Pool Party: every group has to spend time planning to make sure our events happen. We manage to plan AND have fun!
  • Sunday School Pool Party: A celebration as the summer months begin that we all enjoy.
  • A day at Six Flags:  Not everyone loves (or rides) the roller coasters but we all love the trip!
  • Outdoor Laser Tag: You can’t beat a day of running around in the sun and laughing together.